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Coronavirus: Italy Witnesses 70% Increase In Internet Traffic Amid Lockdown

As Italy is under lockdown because of the novel coronavirus, the country's internet usage has seen a huge surge with almost 70% increase in internet traffic.


As Italy is under lockdown because of the novel coronavirus, the country's internet has seen a huge surge with almost 70 per cent increase in traffic. Amid the deadly outbreak, the country has come to a complete standstill. Italy is also the worst-hit country outside China as currently there are more than 24,000 confirmed cases and the virus has claimed more than 18,00 lives. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, Telecom Italia SpA's Chief Executive Officer Luigi Gubitosu said that there is a 70 per cent increase in internet traffic since the mass quarantine. He added that the big chunk of the traffic is coming from the popular multiplayer online game Fortnight. However, there has also been an increase in reports of lost internet connections. Gubitosu further added that the network is working perfectly and with higher volumes, although, the issues reported affected just some applications and the internet due to a failure of the international network. 

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On March 15, Italy also recorded 368 new deaths from coronavirus, its highest day increase till date. As per reports, medical supplies, including face masks and respirators were also sent by China in a bid to battle the growing coronavirus crisis. Several countries have also suspended flight services to and fro from Italy. 

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'Controllable pandemic'

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus as a global pandemic after the virus spread to more than 100 countries, resulting in the deaths of more than 6,500 people worldwide. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom further even urged all nations to get very serious over the issue and take all necessary measures to contain the virus from spreading at this rate. Tedros said, that the word 'Pandemic' cannot be used lightly or carelessly due to its strong connotation.

However, Tedros also said that the coronavirus outbreak is a controllable pandemic. According to a statement released by the World Health Organisation, Tedros outlined two main reasons as to why the decision was taken to describe the epidemic as a pandemic. Tedros said that one reason was the speed and scale of transmission and the others was because 'countries are not approaching this threat with the level of political commitment needed to control it'.

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