Danish MPs Giggle As PM Announces Purchase Of Elephants And A Camel

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Denmark's PM Mette Frederiksen had the Parliament laughing at the opening debate on Oct 5 with her announcement of the purchase of four elephants and a camel

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Recently elected Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, had the Parliament laughing at the opening debate on October 5. During a debate that reported lasted for more than 15 hours, the PM announcement at the state of acquisition of four circus elephants and a camel in the month of September. The animals were also the last circus elephants in Denmark and the country had acquired them for their peaceful retirement. It was during this time, that PM Frederiksen started giggling, which in turn made all the other members of the parliament laugh. 

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The 'funny' announcement

This was also the first speech of the new Danish PM to the entire nation as the Prime Minister. She announced Denmark's acquisition of four elephants: Ramboline, Lara, Djungla, and Jenny. Moreover, she continued explaining to the Danish Parliament how the country also additionally acquired a camel named Ali because Ramboline and Ali are best friends, and it would be unfair to break such a close bond of friendship. This announcement sent the entire parliament into peals of hysterical laughter. 

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The transaction

The sanction on acquisition of circus animals was approved in September and it was as a step towards a full ban on the usage of wild animals for shows. The four elephants were reportedly bought for nearly 11 million Danish kroner. And after an unforeseen situation, the camel Ali was also bought. These animals were evidently first spotted together in a documentary on Danish national TV in 2010 when they were all part of the Dannebrog Circus. The application process was initiated by the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark. Under this, the animals from zoos and parks can finally make their contribution to taking elephants free of charge from the state. Reportedly, the Danish government is also planning to introduce a new anti-cruelty law which will put a ban on the usage of wild animals in circuses. 

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