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Did Ship Stuck In Suez Canal Blare 'Dhoom' Tune On Its Way To Freedom? Video Emerges

A video of the ship that had been stuck in Suez Canal blaring the 'Dhoom' tune on its way to freedom has emerged, even prompting a response from Pritam.

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The obstruction caused by a giant ship in Egypt’s Suez Canal, had dominated headlines in the past week. The vessel was re-floated on Sunday, giving cheer for the resumption of one of the important trade routes. There was an Indian connection to the global event as the ship crew was reportedly fully Indian, and that seemed to have played a part as they played an Indian tune as the ship set off again.

Ever Given played Dhoom tune after Suez Canal obstruction?

The moment had taken place when tugs blared their horn in celebration after close to a week of futility, that had sparked a flurry of memes.

A video surfaced on Twitter from the ship leaving the Suez Canal, and numerous ships in the sea. The ship could be heard blaring the horn and it seemed familiar, because it was the much-popular Dhoom tune. Sharing the video, a netizen claimed that it so because it was ‘100 per cent Indian staff.’

One of those to react to the video was screenwriter Mayur Puri, who was an associated director on the big-budget action film. He wrote, 'Wow!' and 'Dhoom Macha Le' which was the lyrics of the song picturised on Esha Deol and Uday Chopra. The music composer of the tune, Pritam also retweeted the post.

The crew of Ever Given consisted of 25 persons and all were Indians, reports claimed.  

Rescue teams finally succeeded in freeing the 400-metre-long Golden-class container ship in the shape of a skyscraper on Sunday. Boskalis, the rescue group used a flotilla of tugboats, aided by the tides, to wrench the bow of ship from the canal, where it had been stuck for seven days.   

The ship that had been transporting cargo between Asia and Europe through the canal that separates Africa and the Sinai Penisula when it crashed into the sandy banks, causing a long traffic jam.   

As many as 420 ships had to wait before setting off on their destinations, awaiting the movement of the Ever Given. Reports claimed that the blockage haled trade to the tune of $9 billion a day as it apparently controlled the 12 per cent of the trade movements. 

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