Donald Trump Suggests Iran May Have Hit Saudi Arabian Oil Facilities

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US President Donald Trump announced that the recent attacks on the oil facilities of Suadi Arabia were executed by Iran; military retaliation not to be pursued

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Donald Trump

On September 17, US President Donald Trump announced that the recent attacks on the oil facilities of Suadi Arabia were executed by Iran. He said it "looks" like Iran caused the explosive attack. After receiving consultation over an appropriate reply, Donald Trump emphasized that there was no need for military retaliation in response to the attack against Saudi Arabia, which happens to be one of the allies of the US in the middle east.

The US toned down

Recent attacks in Saudi Arabia's oil refineries has facilitated fresh Middle East war concerns. Oil prices also soared worldwide. In Trump’s previous statement immediately after the attack, he said the US was “locked and loaded”. But now he has dismissed any talks over the quick military response in the middle east. Trump said the attacks and the rise in oil prices will not affect the US which is a net energy exporter.

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The US to consult instead of attack 

However, Iran refused any kind of involvement in the attacks. The Saudi government, on the other hand, said the attack was an “unprecedented act of aggression and sabotage” but at the same time, it decided not to put the blame on Iran without any revelations. Trump following a new line of approach towards the rising Middle East issues, established distance from the new Middle East wars.

Adding to the confusion, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a different stand on the issue when he declared that the attacks were Iran’s fault; and stated, 'Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply.' Initially, the US President did acknowledge the intent to meet the crisis and talked harshly on the issue. But his statement on Monday directed the attention towards making consultations with his allies.

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USA's intention to help Saudi, but has no military options 

Trump clearly stated that the attack was on Saudi Arabia and not on the US, even though the US will come forward to help Saudi, but it is not officially obligated to defend Saudi. It is certain that Trump oscillating between the aggressive and nonviolent reactions has said that the US is capable of responding with 'an attack many many times larger' but 'I’m not looking at options right now.' Trump in a display of US supporting Suadi has sent Mike Pompeo to discuss what they feel about the attack and to get clarity on the situation. Trump acknowledged there are already massive sanctions made and for now that will be the approach. According to the US officials, as reported by Associated Press, said the US has already deployed USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier battle group in the region, apart from that fighter jets, bombers, air defences and reconnaissance aircraft are currently present in the area. The US defenses are considering to recruit additional military tropes in the Gulf but the decision is yet to be made. 

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