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Erdogan Has Close Association With Terrorist Organisations, ISIS: Swedish Nordic Monitor

Swedish Nordic Monitor recently revealed new evidence on Turkish President Erdogan's association with terrorist organisations, Daesh (ISIS) in particular.


Swedish Nordic Monitor recently revealed new evidence on Turkey’s association with terrorist organisations, Daesh (ISIS) in particular. According to Sanaa News, Turkish regime recruited a member of Daesh organisation in a bid to fulfil its own ambitions, agendas and defeat its political opponents. 

"Turkish regime recruited member of Daesh organisation, Abdul Qadir Masharipov, who carried out an attack in Istanbul in 2017 and killed 39 persons in order to avenge the preacher Fethullah Gulen, known for his opposition to the head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” according to the report. 

Previously, Erdogan’s close association with terrorist groups in Syria has been confirmed by various reports. ISIS, in particular, has been reported to be involved in commercial deals with Turkey, including the purchase of stolen oil from Syria and Iraq. Turkey has become a breeding ground for terrorists who reportedly receive funding, support ad training on the country’s territory to commit crimes in Syria. 

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Turkey accused of being ‘main sponsor of terror’  

Last month, Syria’s foreign minister even accused Turkey of being ‘one of the main sponsors of terror’ in his country and the region. Turkey, which controls a zone in northern Syria, has backed opposition fighters against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Syrian Kurdish fighters and the Islamic State extremist group. Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem had accused Ankara of moving ‘terrorists and mercenaries’ from Syria to Libya, violating Iraq’s sovereignty, using refugees as ‘bargaining chips against Europe’ and laying claim ‘by force to energy resources in the Mediterranean’.  

“The current Turkish regime has become a rogue and outlaw regime under international law,” the Syrian minister said. “Its policies and actions, which threaten the security and stability of the whole region, must be stopped,” al-Moallem added. 

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