Ethiopia Hails PM Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize Win, PMO Shares Pride

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The Prime Minister's office of Ethiopia has said that the nation is proud of its PM Abiy Ahmed Ali for winning the prestigious 2018-19 Nobel Peace Prize

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The Norwegian Nobel Committee, on Friday, announced the Nobel Prize for Peace to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. Reacting to the honour, the office of the PM released a statement saying that the nation of Ethiopia was proud of the  win. The tweet released by the Prime Minister's office called it a testimony to the efforts taken by their leader to reform the country and seek peace with Eritrea. 

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'Nation of Ethiopia is proud' -Ethiopian PM Office

The announcement by the Prime Minister's office on Twitter

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Statement of PM office

The statement by the PM's office said, "Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed political leadership in April 2018 he has made peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation key policy components of his administration," the statement said.

Adding further it said, "At a national level, the release of tens of thousands of political prisoners, granting of amnesty for media entities and political parties charged under the anti-terrorism law to return from exile and engage peacefully, widening the space for political parties... are some notable milestones. At the regional level, ending the two-decade stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea has opened up a new dimension of possibilities for co-operation between the two countries." The statement also pointed to Abiy's attempts to reconcile differences regionally, among countries across the Horn of Africa."

However, despite the Ethiopian PM's moves for peace, the Eritrea deal has been undermined by a lack of tangible progress on critical issues like border demarcation, as per reports.

About Abiy Ahmed:

thiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali became the 100th recipient of Nobel Peace Prize on October 11. Abiy Ahmed, born in 1976 in Beshasha, a town in central Ethiopia, served in the Ethiopian army from 1991 to 2010. He got involved in the armed struggle against the socialist state of Mengistu Haile Mariam after the death of his oldest brother. Abiy Ahmed also served in the United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Kigali, Rwanda.

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