Etihad Announces More Fuel-efficient Airplane 'Greenliner' With Boeing

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Etihad’s CEO Douglas informed that company’s 'Greenliner' is a 787 Dreamliner which is scheduled to take its first flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels in 2020

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Etihad Airways recently collaborated with Boeing in order to launch the world's most fuel-efficient long-haul airplanes. The company disclosed in a statement that it seeks to be considered as more environment-friendly, at the same time save costs on fuel. The decision comes considering the environmentally-conscious choice for travellers.

More fuel-efficient flight

Etihad’s CEO Tony Douglas informed that the company’s 'Greenliner' is a 787 Dreamliner which is scheduled to take its first flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels in 2020. He further described that the airplane will be used as a flying laboratory in order to test all the requirements that will benefit the customers. Douglas in a statement said, on November 18 that the aim of the Greenliner will be to increase its fuel efficiency up to 20 per cent more as compared to the other airplanes in the company. Moreover, it is evident from the financial reports that the fuel cost is equivalent to a quarter of airline spending.

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Etihad airline turns environment-friendly

The environment reports suggest that the Aviation industry accounts for 2.5 per cent of the green-house gas emission worldwide. The airline, despite its financial losses still ranks among the most innovative airlines. This year, Etihad successfully flew the first passenger flight using sustainable biofuel. The biofuel was made from a plant that grows in saltwater. The flight was the first in the Middle East to avoid single-use plastic on board. The initiative was to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

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World’s longest commercial flight

A Qantas flight covered the world’s longest commercial route which was scheduled from London to Sydney. The flight safely landed after 19 hours and 19 minutes. This was part of a trial experiment in which Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner took a flight on November 14 morning according to London time and landed at the Sydney airport during lunchtime on November 15. Alan Joyce, who led the project called ‘Project Sunrise’ said that they saw a double sunrise after they landed. The project was a tribute to airline’s endurance flights which sustained the battle times of the Second World War. The Qantas staff informed the international media, that there were 40 passengers which included the crew. The aircraft has the capacity to carry approximately 300 people at one time.

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