Family Of Cockroaches Found Living Inside Man’s Ear In China

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A Chinese man, who woke up with sharp pain inside his ear was shocked when he realized that cockroaches have made a shelter inside his head, as per reports.

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A Chinese man who woke up with sharp pain inside his ear was shocked when he realized that cockroaches have made a shelter inside his head. The man was identified as 24-year-old Lv, who reportedly woke up in the middle of the night because of sharp pain in his right ear and asked his family members to check his ear to see what was causing the scratching discomfort. According to the reports, shining a torch near his ear revealed a large cockroach inside. Lv was immediately rushed to the Sanhe Hospital in the city of Huizhou where the doctors found more than 10 cockroach babies inside his ear. The man said that his ear was aching and felt like something was scratching and crawling inside. Dr Zhong Yijin said it would have caused a lot of discomfort, according to a media agency.

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Doctor found 10 cockroaches inside ear

The doctor discovered that he found more than 10 cockroach babies inside the ear and they were already running around.
The cockroaches were removed with the help of medical equipment but it is not clear for how long they had been living there. The doctor prescribed the patient an ointment. Dr Yijin said that Lv had a habit of leaving unfinished packets of food items near his bed which probably attracted insects and cockroaches.

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A similar incident

In a similar incident, last year a woman in Florida revealed that a cockroach had been living in her ears for nine days. Katie Hollie said that she woke up a night feeling like someone has blocked her ears and used a cotton swab to investigate. She was surprised when she pulled out two dark brown skinny leg pieces and then woke her husband to have him try to pull the rest out with tweezers. She rushed to the hospital immediately where the doctor reassured that he was able to remove the whole cockroach. But nine days later she was still in pain so she went to her primary care physician. She said that her physician ended up pulling out six more cockroaches carcasses nine days after the incident took place.

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