Fisherman Catches 'dinosaur-like' Fish With Huge Eyes In Norway

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A fisherman caught a 'dinosaur-like' fish with huge eyes in Norway off the island of Andoya. Named Oscar Lundahl, the fisherman later identified it as Ratfish.

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Oscar Lundahl who is a guide at Nordic Sea Angling at Lofoten Islands in Norway caught a weird 'dinosaur-like' fish off the island of Andoya in northern part of the country on September 15. The fish had huge bulbuous eyes which made Oscar jump out of his boat in surprise on seeing it. Later, the fish was identified as Ratfish which lives in deep water and is distantly related to sharks. Unlike rats, the fish is harmless to humans and got it name due to its long, thin tail. Scientists said that the fish has large eyes as it helps it to see in this dark in deep waters.
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When Oscar caught a ratfish

The 19-year-old fisherman was hoping for a for blue halibut but ended up catching a Ratfish. Oscar informed to a news publication that that he had four hooks on his line with mackerel as bait and was fishing in water depths of 2,600ft (800m). After a while, he felt something quite big on his line. It took about 30 minutes to reel it in, Oscar said. He caught two halibuts and one crazy looking fish which he had never seen before, he exclaimed. At that time, Oscar did not have the knowledge about the species of the fish. It was his colleague who identified it as ratfish. Due to change in pressure on surgace, the fish couldn't survive. Later, Oscar took it home and had it on his plate. He explained the fish to be quite tasty like that of cod, despite of its ugly appearance.
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Oscar's fishing diaries

The fisherman has an instagram account named @oscarlundahl where you can find numerous pictures of his fishing adventures. Recently, he and his friends captured the pictures of 30 killer whales encircling their boat. You can find other photographs in which he is seen catching and cooking fishes. He has also shared a short video on Verbier, Switzerland which would make you want to visit that place. Oscar travels around the world quite often to fish, and learn about species as seen in his instagram account.


A post shared by Oscar Lundahl (@oscarlundahl) on


A post shared by Oscar Lundahl (@oscarlundahl) on

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