German Man Douses Fire In His Car With Beer; 'so German,' Say Netizen

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A German motorist is being credited for his quick thinking after his engine caught fire. The man put out the fire with the beers in the case of his car

Written By Manogya Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

A German motorist is being credited for his quick thinking after his engine caught fire on the Autobahn. He turned to a slightly different foam extinguisher to douse the flames, using bottles of beer.

Nothing left to do: Fire department 

After the incident took place, the Police told a global news agency that the man was on the highway near the town of Hoesbach in Bavaria the day before when he smelled something odd in his car.  As soon as he pulled over, he spotted flames under the hood of his car. He quickly grabbed bottles of beer from a case in his car, splashed the beer on the fire-affected areas and quenched the flames. Authorities said that the fire department responded but there was nothing left for them to do, as per local reports.

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Twitter reacts 

A man on Twitter gave an example of Col. Potter from TV show M*A*S*H who once used bottles of wine to fill an overheated radiator, 

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Another felt bad for the man and his beer: 

There were mixed reactions on Twitter, some people found the incident hilarious and comical, while others expressed their genuine concerns for the man's well being.

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Then there was a man who shared another post regarding Germany's car industry, with respect to the incident 

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