(Image Courtesy: @Sutopo_PN Twitter)
(Image Courtesy: @Sutopo_PN Twitter)

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Has A Volcano Erupted In The Quake-Hit Indonesia? Here's The Truth.

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  • Indonesia is in the Ring of Fire, making it prone to earthquakes and tsunamis
  • It has recently been hit by severe earthquake followed by tsunami; relief work in the area is underway

On October 3, there were various reports of a volcano erupting on one of the islands of Indonesia. Media agencies from around the world reported about a volcano erupting and spewing lava as high as 20,000 feet in the sky. Reports claimed that the volcano has exploded on the same island which was recently hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Various other reports identified the volcano as the Soputan volcano which is located in the north of Sulawesi island.

The Head of Indonesian National Board of Disaster Management, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, tweeted on 3 October 2018 telling about the eruption:

Indonesia, being in the Ring Of Fire, one of the most active areas of earthquakes in the world. Volcano eruptions are not a new thing in the island with several active volcanoes. Having more than 400 volcanos, people in the region are used to hearing explosions. It also has a series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, volcanic belts, and tectonic plate movements, making it prone to earthquakes.

However, after a few hours, Nugroho dismissed the stories saying that the reports and images floating on the internet about the eruption were all a HOAX.

The photos and videos surfacing of the volcanic eruption were all engineered. According to him, they were, in fact, the videos were engineered from the 2014 Mount Sinabung eruption and photos were of a mountain erupting in South America. 

He urged the people not to spread lies and fake news over the media and verify the news before reporting anything.

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Indonesia is undergoing troublesome times after witnessing a series of natural disasters. Dead bodies are still being recovered from debris caused due to the severe earthquake and the following tsunami that had jolted the region in the recent past.