Hawaiian Family Gets Into Guinness World Records For Heaviest Avocado

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The world's heaviest Avocado cultivated by Hawaii's family secured a place in Guinness World Records. The family said that the Avocado is as big as the head

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A Hawaiin family secured a place in Guinness World Records for cultivating the world's heaviest avocado. The family reported that the avocado is as big as the size of their heads. The members of the Pokini family reside on the Islands of Maui. The family was awarded the Guinness certificate for an avocado which approximately weighs 5.6 pounds as reported by the global media. 

The heaviest Avocado

Later, after the official procedures, the weight of Avocado was 5.6 pounds as reported by the Guinness officials. The heaviest Avocado belongs to a 10 years old tree, which is 20 feet tall. Mark and Juliane Pokini reportedly planted the tree when Mark’s son was born. The actual plantation of this species of Avocado is from the Oahu island. Mark informed the official that it was planted from the seed of his brother-in-law’s tree on Oahu Island. 

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The chronicler of the world’s record

The formal verification procedure had begun in December when the family had applied for the Guinness World Records. The family had to go through a tedious procedure. Earlier in 2018, the family had registered another Avocado which failed to meet the requirement of the verification procedure. The verification process involves examination from a certified horticulturist, then a signature from two witnesses, the state-certified measurement scale, videos, photographs, and several other official papers. 

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Hard work pays off

The family, however, did not lose hope and tried for another attempt. They used the right tools while keeping a check on the growth of fruit. Juliane Pokini stated that they did not water or fertilize the fruit and let it take its own course. This was the reason for its extraordinary growth making it a record fruit. The couple felt emotional after winning the title. They were happy and also overwhelmed as the entire process required a lot of patience and perseverance. Later the family “made a whole bunch of guacamole” and celebrated the win with relatives and friends. 

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