Hezbollah Chief Says Saudi Arabia Regime In Final Stages Of Its Life

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Hezbollah leader said the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, maybe in the 'final stages of life,' and that slogans like 'Death to Al Saud' are being raised in Arab.

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Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the Al Saud regime, that is the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, maybe in the 'final stages of life,' while speaking to an Iranian news media organisation. He further added that for the first time slogans like 'Death to Al Saud' are being raised and protests erupting in Arab countries. 

Iran-backed Hezbollah chief said that the 'performance of Saudi rulers' will expedite the disintegration of the Kingdom monarch, throned by King Salman. He further asserted that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's bloody war in Yemen, crimes committed by the Kingdom, support for Islamic State terrorists and the House of Saud's intrusion into other countries will affect the Kingdom's future. 

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Hezbollah leader said, "The Al Saud regime is old and maybe in the final stages of its life because of natural reasons like its cruel measures over the past 100 years and the systematic corruption in the regime, suppression of people, and totalitarianism of its rules."

"We currently see for the first time that 'Death to Al Saud' slogan is being chanted in several Arab countries, and we see political and popular powers and governments that take explicit stances toward Al Saud and its interference in the region," he added. 

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Saudi Arabia responsible for Iran tensions

Opining on the arch-rivals, Lebanon-based Hezbollah chief held Saudi Arabia responsible for the tensions in Iran, for Tehran's support for Palestine. 

He said, "Saudi Arabia started its hostility toward Iran after the victory of the Islamic Revolution (of 1979) and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, which supported the issues of Arab and Islamic countries."

Iran will destroy Saudi Arabia 

Nasrallah warned Saudi Arabia against wagering a war against Iran, saying that the Kingdom would be 'destroyed' on September 21. He furthermore asked Saudi Arabia to stop the bloody war in Yemen or else 'face more attacks.'

"Continuing the war against Yemen with no solution is pointless. You are starting to pay the price," Nasrallah said. "One strike knocked out half the oil production, and another strike, you can imagine what it will do," he said, indicating towards the Aramco attack.

Hezbollah is an armed group that was set up by Iran's Revolutionary Guards in 1983.

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