Hilarious! Bridesmaid Dresses As T-Rex At Sister's Wedding In Texas

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In a hilarious incident, a bridesmaid dressed as T-Rex at her sister's wedding in Texas. The photo of the event has gone viral on Facebook since August 10.

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Maid of honour

Texas, the land of cowboys saw a bizarre wedding with a T-Rex Bridesmaid when bride's sister surprisingly wore a Dinosaur costume to her wedding. A picture of the hilarious incident was posted by Cristina A. Meador on August 10 in which she can be seen playing the Tyrannosaurus rex bridesmaid. Since then the post has gone viral on social media. Have a look at it:

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A T-Rex Bridesmaid

Christina's elder sister Deanna Adams gave her near and dear ones the option of wearing anything they felt comfortable to her wedding, said Christina to a UK media publication. She shared that about a year ago her elder sister from Nebraska reiterated the same statement to her telling her that she wanted her to be the maid of honor and that she could wear anything she felt comfortable into the ceremony. Deanna knew that Christina is not fond of wearing formal dresses and that Christina wouldn't have a lot of money to buy something really nice. Considering this, her elder sister gave her the liberty of not sticking to a prescribed dress code, said Christina. But who knew that the freedom of choosing one's own dress would lead to getting a T-Rex costume instead! Christina shared that she initially wanted to buy something that she could wear more than once and not just for the wedding. Later she resorted to dressing like a dinosaur as she finds it fantastic and had always wanted one. Just then she sent a text to her elder sister, sharing the idea and to her surprise, her sister was ok with it!

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However, Christina was still undecided and would suggest equally unconventional outfits to her bride-to-be sister, including a Tardis from Doctor Who. Like any girl in wardrobe crisis, she even ended up picking up a $7 dress from a thrift store, which eventually got too big for her by the week of the wedding as she had lost weight. The 38-year-old added that she rethought about her decision as she had not found a gift for sister's wedding. Dressing as T-Rex seemed like a great idea for her to mess around her sister and bring her joy. Finally, it was done and Christina accompanied her sister down the aisle in the dinosaur costume leaving guests stunned. The bridesmaid recalled that she felt really hot in the costume and she peeled it off within just 15 minutes! Guests at the wedding could not take their eyes off her and be constantly struggling to look away, she recalled. The situation got funnier when the guests mistook a small boy in the neighborhood as Christina as he too was wearing the same costume.

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T-Rex bridesmaid goes viral

After a couple of people asked if they could share it, Christina with her sister's permission posted the picture of the wedding on her Facebook page and allowed the closed group members to share from there. But it got way bigger than expected, she said. Many people did troll Christina for her move. But her sister shooed them away by saying that it's a waste of money to spend on expensive dresses for weddings. She added that the point was to get married to the man who treats her like she hung the moon, and they did that part. Deanna concluded that she found her sister awesome and was not kidding when she gave her the choice of wearing anything. Here are a few of the reactions:

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