Hong Kong: Carrie Lam To Seek Beijing's Help If Situation Worsens

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As the economy suffers due to the violent pro-democracy protests, the Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam said if the situation arises, they might seek Beijing's help

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Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong economy suffers due to the violent pro-democracy demonstrations, Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam said if the situation arises, they might seek help from Beijing on October 8. The Asian financial hub has been facing difficulties since the months of anti-government protests, which have affected all sectors of the economy. Moreover, Lam said that Beijing is hopeful that Hong Kong can manage their problems by themselves, but under its mini-constitution, known as Basic Law, Hong Kong can ask Beijing for assistance the situation becomes worse. 

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Lam wants to find a solution

Carrie Lam also urged the critics in foreign countries, that the four months of pro-democracy demonstrations are no longer peaceful. According to the law, Hong Kong can seek intervention from China. However, Lam did not reveal the circumstances which might lead to the same. She also believes that Hong Kong should find the solutions themselves which are also being hoped by the Central government. However, if the situation becomes more severe, Lam does not want to leave any option rules out.

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The Hong Kong leader said, “I still strongly feel that we should find the solutions ourselves. That is also the position of the central government, that Hong Kong should tackle the problem on her own. But if the situation becomes so bad, then no options could be ruled out if we want Hong Kong to at least have another chance”.

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The demonstrations and economy

The demonstrations which started in June 2019 due to an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be transferred to the mainland has now been revoked. However, then started the protests have now modified into a larger version of an anti-government movement. The protesters demand less Chinese influence on Hong Kong which was initially promised a high level of autonomy when they came under the 'one country, two systems' in 1997. These often violent protests have damaged Hong Kong tourism along with the businesses in the global financial hub which has caused additional loss to the economy. Meanwhile, the city has been battling the effects of the greatest trade war between China and the United States. US President, Donald Trump has also asked China to deliver a “humane solution” to the unrest in Hong Kong. 

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