Hong Kong Protests: Activist Denise Ho Urges US To Stand Up To Beijing

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Denise Ho, a Hong Kong-based singer and activist wants the United States lawmaker and companies to stand up to Beijing actions in Hong Kong to bring a change

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

Denise Ho, a Hong Kong-based singer and activist wants US lawmakers and companies to stand up to Beijing's actions in Hong Kong to bring a change in the Chinese Communist Party's behaviour towards human rights and democracy. Ho urged the businesses all around the world who invested in China and Hong Kong to support her and stand up with her against the party. It has already been three months since the Chinese territory has been going through violent clashes protesting interference of Beijing in Hong Kong affairs, despite an earlier promise of autonomy. 

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The global suppression

Ho claimed that the only way to counter the global suppression was by hitting China where it really hurt. She further added that the Communist government didn't care about anything other than the economy, not about human rights and nor the universal values that they have. Ho also alleged that the United States companies that have been based in Shenzhen were just profiting from the businesses but have turned a blind eye to human issues. Denise Ho reportedly will be testifying with Joshua Wong, secretary-general of Hong Kong's Demosisto party and leader of the “Umbrella Movement” at an event hosted by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) on September 17.

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Bipartisan Bill

China has condemned the protests and accused the US and Britain of interfering in its affairs in Hong Kong. US lawmakers are also fine-tuning a bipartisan bill that will require an annual review of the special treatment that the Wahington gives Hong Kong, including the business privileges which comes under the US-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992. The Human Rights and the Democracy Act of Hong Kong will also make the officials of China and Hong Kong vulnerable to the sanctions. The US President also suggested that China should humanely settle the problem before a trade deal is reached.

Denise Ho has said that the trade war had offered a 'protective shield' for the people of Hong Kong. It was sheltering the citizens from a violent Beijing crackdown such as the deployment of troops. The industry groups also worry that the bipartisan bill threatens US-China trade talks, but Ho claims that the bill would send a powerful signal to other countries and reaffirm US leadership in the world. 

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