Hundreds Of Birds Mysteriously Fall Out Of Sky, Found Dead On Road In Wales

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In a mysterious turn of events, hundreds of dead birds were found on a road in a rural part of Wales near Bodedern in Anglesey with cause of death unknown.

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In a mysterious turn of events, hundreds of dead birds were found on a road in a rural part of Wales. According to reports, the birds were found near Bodedern in Anglesey. The shocking incident came to light after Hannah Stevens made the discovery on the evening of December 10.

Hannah said that the birds thought to be in hundreds were lying dead, covered in blood on the countryside road in rural Wales. She further added that her husband Dafydd Edwards captured the horrific scene on his mobile phone while walking among the lifeless birds and trying to determine the cause of their death.

The video captured by Edwards showed the bloodied birds were lying all across that particular stretch of road. Edwards said that there were more than 300 of them but he stopped counting after 150 as the lifeless birds were scattered all over. He further added that the birds seemed as if they just dropped out of the sky.

Hannah said that while she was on her way to a doctor's appointment, she saw hundreds of these birds flying over her but while on her way back, she saw them scattered all over the road. In response to this, Edwards said that initially he did not believe her partner and went to check for himself, adding that a similar incident had taken place about 10 years back.

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Investigation underway

According to reports, Edwards contacted the North Wales Crime Team alongside Animal and Plant Health Agency so that they could determine the cause of these birds death. However, it is said that the birds probably flew into the blades of industrial wind turbines with each turbine having a height of 31 metres and a width of 44 metres.

In the interim, local police are looking into the matter to find out about the mysterious deaths of these birds and also check if they were poisoned or not. PC Dewi Evans of North Wales Police said that officials from the animal and plant agency were probably going to pick five birds to determine if they were poisoned or not. He also asked people to come forward if anyone had any idea about what had happened or if they saw it happen.

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