Interjet Airlines Slammed Over Disturbing Plane Hijacking Drill

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Interjet Airlines slammed over disturbing plane hijacking drill visuals which went viral on social media and irked netizens. The incident was a mock drill.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

Mexican company Interjet has been reportedly asked for a statement as an explanation to videos circulating on social media of a 'hijacking' on one of its flights which were actually a drill. After the video circulated on social media, the airlines had to reassure the worried public that the footage, which has gone viral, was staged for staff training. Viewers of the video were left confused as the video was seen 2.9M times and retweeted over 34, 000 times. They questioned why such a video made to social media in the first place.

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The hijack video

One of the kidnappers yells "there is no time, we will start killing passengers". Air hostesses look terrified as they kneel down and sit behind the cockpit in the video. One can see masked men with guns threatening and moving around the plane. Another man is also seen talking over a walkie talkie. 

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Interjet informed that the video was a drill

The drill was reportedly conducted on October 5, Interjet explained. The Airlines said that they staged such an event to help staff deal with possible terror threats and that it was held at Ciudad del Carmen International Airport and not in the air. They said the media that three levels of Government authorities are coordinated to implement protocols to rescue passengers. They also affirmed that the video was recorded during the drill.

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Earlier disturbing posts & comments by Interjet pilot

Interjet was earlier in news for similar disturbing issues. The airline reportedly suspended pilot Alí Ximen after she proposed bombing Mexico City's central square during last month's independence celebrations. The pilot wrote on Facebook that a bomb should fall on Zocalo, it would help them. The post was supported by another Interjet employee, Gabriela García Orozco, who was also suspended after that. Later, Alí Ximen uploaded a video to Facebook apologizing for her actions.

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