It Was A Terrible Idea: Trudeau Apologises Again For Wearing Blackface

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again apologised for wearing blackface makeup. Trudeau said that he has let a lot of people down with the choice of acts.

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Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again apologised after his decades-old images wearing blackface makeup were released by a news broadcaster. The resurfacing of images has been a setback for Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, who is running a re-election campaign. "I recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do," said Trudeau during a news conference on Thursday. Earlier, he had apologized for wearing brownface makeup to a party at a school where he taught 18 years ago.

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'It was a terrible idea'

“I think when we recognize, when we reflect on the mistakes we made in the past, that's a question we are always gonna be asking. Why did we do that? Why did we think it was ok? Why did we think it was a good idea at that time?” said Trudeau. “It wasn’t a good idea, it was a terrible idea. It was something that minimizes and takes advantage of a reality that I have not had to live with of being discriminated against, of being marginalised, of being judged for the colour of my skin, for my language, my background,” he added.

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Asking for forgiveness

Trudeau, a fervent advocate of multiculturalism integral to Canadian identity, has been under fire after Time magazine published a photograph of him wearing brownface makeup at an "Arabian Nights"- themed school party 18 years ago. Trudeau said that he has let a lot of people down with the choice of acts. “I come from a place of privilege and I have endeavoured in my life to put the advantages and the opportunities I have been given to serve this country, to fight for people’s rights and I have to recognize that I have let a lot of people down with that choice. And I stand here today to reflect on that and to ask for forgiveness,” he said.

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Setback for the Liberal campaign

The Liberal campaign is facing the wrath of public and opposition parties after the controversial photographs resurfaced. At least six Liberal campaign signs in Kelowna, a city in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province, were defaced with blackface. The incumbent Stephen Fuhr’s face on campaign posters was blackened by a marker. “It’s certainly not going to help my campaign, but I’ve done the best I can to deliver for this community. And I’m hoping people will evaluate that and will continue to support me because I’ve supported them so well over the past four years,” Fuhr told a Canadian news channel.

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