Japan: Emperor Naruhito All Set For Enthronement After Typhoon Hagibis

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Japan's new emperor, Naruhito will formally proclaim his ascent to the throne in a  ritual bound ceremony scheduled to take place after deadly Typhoon Hagibis

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Japan's new emperor, Naruhito will formally proclaim his ascent to the throne in a  ritual bound ceremony scheduled to take place next week. However, the consequences of the deadly Typhoon Hagibis may cloud the official ceremony. A day after his father, Akihito became the first Japanese monarch to resign in the last 200 years, Naruhito had assumed his duties as emperor on May 1. The transistion reportedly will not be completed until his new role is officially proclaimed on October 22. These series of events prior to and during the ascension of the throne will be attended by foreign dignitaries from nearly 200 countries. 

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Ceremony after Typhoon?

As of October 15, nearly 15 people are believed to be missing and more than 200 people were injured in the storm. The approximate number of houses in 13 prefectures of Japan that remain without water supply and electricity is around 1,00,000. According to the reports, a huge number of rescue officials were on the lookout on Monday with a hope to find survivors of a devastating hurricane that struck Japan on October 12. While the rescue operations are still going on, the government has, therefore, chosen to postpone an integral part of the ceremony, which includes an open-top car parade in order to introduce the royal pair to the citizens. However, the rest of the ceremonies will reportedly be conducted behind closed doors. Naruhito will further “report” the main proclamation to all his ancestors in the ancient dynasty. 

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Royal couple in front of people

According to the reports, after the closed doors ceremony of Naruhito, he along with his wife, Empress Masako will appear at the main event in the most prestigious palace of the Imperial Palace, the Pine Room. Naruhito will be wearing a ceremonial outfit in a colour which reportedly is only worn by the emperor and then he will declare his enthronement from the “Takamikura” throne. His wife, Empress Masako who is also a Harvard graduate and a former diplomat will also wear an elaborate outfit called “junihitoe” which a multiple layered robe, and will be alongside the emperor. 

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