John Malkovich And Miller: Everything About The Iconic Collaboration

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Sandro Miller decided to collaborate with his long-time friend John Malkovich to re-create the most legendary photographs by artists who inspired his career

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John Malkovich

The photographer, Sandro Miller decided to collaborate with his long-time friend and Hollywood actor John Malkovich to re-create the most legendary photographs by artists who had inspired his career in photography. Both artists met in two sessions in the year 2014 and 2017 and shot more than 60 photographs imitating a range of historical figures from Abraham Lincon to Marilyn Monroe. The entire series was displayed for the first time at Mac-Gryder Gallery, New Orleans in the United States as a part of the city's annual Arts for Art's Sake event on October 5 and the audience was seen “entirely in love” with their work. 


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Miller and Malkovich

Both creative personnel met nearly 20 years ago while working for a renowned Chicago company, Steppenwolf. In a phone interview with an international media, Miller admitted that it was back then when they admitted that the two of them had chemistry and said that Malkovich became his “muse”. Together they have shot nearly two hundred portraits and some of them are occasionally shared by Miller on his official Instagram account while the glimpses being on his website. 


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How did the idea come to Miller

Reportedly this idea to create masterpieces from way back in the time which had also inspired the photographer to pursue his career came in 2013. While Miller was recovering from cancer, he admitted having time to contribute to his thoughts and his mentors. He said, while closing his eyes rest while recovering, all the pictures used to come back to him in his sleep and he could envision creating them and then displaying in a museum or a gallery. Miller then studied every intricate detail of the iconic photos including everything from clothes to props and the types of equipment that were used to shoot them originally. And while closing down to a person, he decided to ask his great friend, Malkovich who will be able to deliver it. 


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Audience, amazed

The exhibition that took place a few days ago, has successfully amazed all their spectators. People have tweeted about how they always look forward to both legends' work together. Even under Sandro Miller's official Instagram's posts of John Malkovich, one internet user admitted to having become a fan of the photographer after she saw the portraits shot by him of Malkovich. People have also seen commented saying that it is a pleasure to have been able to see his work and that Malkovich can do absolutely anything. 

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Other glimpses of their collaboration

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