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'Join Us': Singapore Aims To Become Tech Powerhouse, Invites Talent From Across The Globe

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong urged that the nation must not only enhance its own talents but welcome the appropriate candidates from across the globe.


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on November 18 urged that the nation must not only enhance its own talents but welcome the appropriate candidates from across the globe to realise its goal of emerging as the technology centre. He even acknowledged the tensions that such practice could facilitate among the local Singaporean population. In the keynote speech at the Singapore Tech Forum which is the annual gathering for professionals from Silicon Valley to Asia, Lee said that technology proved instrumental in handling COVID-19 pandemic in the nation with nearly 5.7 million people. 

Singaporean PM also promoted what he thinks are three attractive points of the Asian country that are, tech-literate population, promising infrastructure and “vibrant ecosystem”. Urging foreign talents to arrive in Singapore, Lee said “come and join us and help us” as the nation is trying to showcase itself as a regional technology powerhouse supported by the ruling government. 

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‘We need more tech talent’

The Singaporean PM reportedly sought to leverage the advantage of this portrayal of the nation to invite foreign investments along with global talent. Lee said that Singapore is trying to build a “different society” that is full of opportunities with optimum usage of both technology and human spirits. Because the aspiring society requires talent in huge numbers, Lee said, “We welcome talents from around the world to come and join us and help us build this society.”

Lee Hsien Loong said, “Three things make Singapore attractive: First, our tech-literate population, which makes a ready testbed for new apps. Second, good infrastructure that keeps people connected digitally at high speeds. Third, a vibrant ecosystem that attracts tech companies to set up here.”

“To grow our digital economy, we need more tech talent, both young and experienced, to raise our standards and strengthen our tech ecosystem. We’ve got problems to solve and work to do in Singapore. I hope that bright tech minds will take up the challenge and join us in building a shining Red Dot!” he added.

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