Joker: Stairs From The Iconic Scene In The Film Has Become Popular

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Stairs from the iconic scene in Joker has become a centre of attraction for people as a few of them tried to recreate the Joker's actions from the scene

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

One of the most iconic scenes in Todd Phillips-helmed Joker, wherein Joaquin Phoenix is seen dancing on the stairs with a cigarette in his hand towards the end of the movie has now become a popular tourist attraction. According to reports, people have identified that the stairs are situated in the Bronx, a borough in New York City. Fans have flocked to the area in order to try and recreate the iconic scene from the critically acclaimed movie.

'One of the best scenes'

One user posted a tweet stating that she had found the place where the scene was filmed.

Another user posted a tweet that the particular scene was one of the best scenes in the movie.

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Negative reactions

However, the incident has received negative reactions as well with a few people stating that they were not in favour of the Bronx being the centre of attraction or gaining so much popularity. 

One user stated that people living in the Bronx had a few privileges.

Another user berated the people coming in to recreate the scene from the movie. 

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Joker focused on the character's origin story. In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix plays the character of Arthur Fleck, a lonely man with an unsuccessful career in comedy alongside living with his sick mother. The movie shows how the character eventually became Batman's enemy.  The movie also received an 8-minute standing ovation at the Venice film festival and was awarded the top honour at the film festival, i.e. the Golden Lion.

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Before the movie was released, Joaquin Phoenix was questioned on two scenes in the movie that were deemed to be pretty violent. The first scene is when the Joker shoots his colleague at point-blank range in his own apartment and the other is when chaos ensues amongst his supporters at the subway station when one of his supporters is shot by a police officer chasing the Joker.

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