Kylie Jenner Intrigued By Snapchat 's Halloween Spider Filter

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Kylie Jenner intrigued by Snapchat 's Halloween spider filter as she shares a video with her kid. Parents on the app posted kids ' reactions to the filter.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

Social media platform Snapchat has been famous for its innovative filters. Yet this Halloween the app came with a really creepy filter with a spider. Within no time, the filter has become a talk of the town. Parents are using the filter on their kids for fun and so are the kids using it on their parents. With a lot of mixed reactions and buzz around the filter, it was recently featured in a video of Kylie Jenner. The beauty mogul in the video is seen trying out the filter on her kid who seems unfazed and is quite amazed by it!


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Epic reactions to spider filter

Parents across the internet were seen letting the virtual tarantula walk on their kids' faces. The kids at the same time have had epic reactions to the filter. Some were brave enough like Kylie's ki who remained unfazed by the filter. And there were others who just couldn't face it and ran for their lives. The trend also experimented with a poor dog who didn't know what humans are upto. The reactions of kids shared by the parents have been hilarious, take a look:

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Criticism for the filter

Although the "spider" filter went viral, there were a few netizens who were not in favour of people trying out the filter on their children as it may have a negative effect on them. One user posted a tweet that read that he did not have kids and asked a general question that asked people whether they thought if such a stunt would be traumatic for them or not? Another user wondered if this filter would trigger arachnophobia(fear of spiders and other similar creatures such as scorpions) whereas someone else asked the people posting such videos to stop doing it to scare their children. However, this is not the first time parents have tried to perform a viral challenge on their children. A few people had tried out the Cheese challenge wherein they were witnessed throwing cheese slices at toddlers sitting on chairs and posting their reactions on social media platforms.

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