Man Finds Lost Wallet, Takes Returning It As A Puzzle, Totally Wins

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A man was surprised to find out that a stranger reached out to him through his bank account, to return his lost wallet. He had treated it as a 'puzzle'

Written By Manogya Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:
stranger finds wallet

A man was surprised to find out that a stranger reached out to him through his bank account, to return his lost wallet. A stranger who found Tim Cameron's wallet lying in the middle of a busy street - lost while he was cycling - reached out to him by depositing some amount of money into the account of the lost card. 

Stranger reaches out to Cameron through bank account

Chances to get your lost wallet back are quite low, but the stranger proved that good people do exist in this busy, clever world. Cameron overwhelmed by the stranger’s act of kindness, took to Twitter to share the incident with the world.  

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He added while sharing screenshots of the bank transactions, "4x transfers of £0.01 each with a reference up to 18 chars," and informed how he reached out to him. The four transactions allowed the stranger to give a reference of 18 characters. The first two references read, "Hi I found your wallet in the road." In the third reference, he gave his contact number and in the last, asked him to text or call so that he could return the wallet to Cameron.  

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Byford overwhelmed by reactions 

Byford, the man who returned Cameron’s wallet, had a look inside for some ID and then tried to find Cameron on Facebook - but found it was quite a common name. The 30-year-old software developer earlier thought he could leave the wallet at a nearby pub but ended up just taking it home to have a think about how he could solve the puzzle with Tim's bank details and nothing else. 

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Byford also explained how overwhelmed he felt seeing reactions and appreciation from people around the world, on Cameron’s Twitter post. He also informed that Cameron brought him a bottle of wine, expressing his gratitude to him. 

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