Man Opens Bigfoot Museum, Claims It's A Government Experiment

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A former supper club has now been turned into The Sasquatch Museum, which mainly focuses on the legendary beast, 'Bigfoot', near the Georgia mountains

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A former supper club has now been turned into The Sasquatch Museum, which mainly focuses on the legendary beast, 'Bigfoot'. Situated along a four-lane highway through the north Georgia mountains, it provides a wonderful experience for people who want to know more about the fabled beast.

The Sasquatch Museum

The proprietor of this fascinating bit of Americana at the southern edge of the Appalachians is David Bakara. A member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, he served in the Navy, drove trucks, and was a bartender before opening the exhibition hall in mid-2016 with his wife, Malinda. He's hoping to give both excitement and entertainment in an area known for apple plantations and fall colours.

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David said that he was always curious about the Bigfoot and wanted to know more about him as a researcher. He also added that he was a very big Disney fan and thought this to be the perfect opportunity to make into a family attraction.

The Museum's attractions

The museum is not a long way from the Tennessee state line. It has an intricate display of Bigfoot attacking the remote lodge while a mannequin weilding an axe attempts to bar the door as two paws burst over the top. Colour-coded maps report many alleged sightings, a display portrays an 8-foot-tall beast, and the celebrated 1967 video of a supposed Sasquatch sighting plays on repeat, alongside nerve-racking memories from the individuals who guarantee to have encountered a Bigfoot.

The fabled beast is not only confined to the Pacific Northwest. In Australia, the legendary animal is known as Yowie. In the Himalayas, they call it Yeti. In Russia, it goes by the name of Alma.

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A conspiracy?

David Bakara hinted that the Bigfoot is the unintended result of a government trial gone haywire, indicating that his life would be in trouble if he at any point opened up to the world about what was actually going on. Bakara has been keen on finding Bigfoot from a very young age, prodded on by early news reports and 1972 classic "The Legend of Boggy Creek," a kind of docudrama about a Sasquatch-like animal in Arkansas.

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