Man Vs Machine: Polish Climber Dzienski Defeats Elevator In A Race

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Man vs Machine: Polish Climber Marcin Dzienski has defeated an Elevator in a race up six stories in what was previously considered and unthinkable and feat

Written By Divyam Jain | Mumbai | Updated On:
Man Vs Machine

In what was thought unthinkable a man has vanquished Elevator in a race towards the 6th floor and while it may not match-up the sentiment of winning a big showdown of a lifetime but Polish climber Marcin Dzienski's accomplishment of dashing past a lift up 23 meters will unquestionably need to give him a lift to significance. The Climber earlier took 12.12 seconds in a climbing contest the Polish capital of Warsaw back in the year 2016.

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Polish Climber's reaction

The climber Marcin Dzienski was ecstatic in an Instagram post. He wrote in both English and Polish for this fans that he finally got to race against a machine and win. He said that he'd often been told "What about you Rambo, how fast would you run there?" He further added that he never have thought he'd get the opportunity to actually check his speed and beat a machine while at it. "6 floors, 23m, and LIFT to beat🔥"

Finally, he thanked Red Bull Poland for organising the event, and all those in attendence.

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'Man vs Machine Climber' to raise awareness 

Some people would have given Dzienski a fighting chance in the man-versus-machine battle OF up to six stories, nonetheless, the 26-year-old opposed all desires to climb an exceptionally designed wall and pip the lift in a closely fought battle.  Dzienski, who honed his skills as a teenager scaling apple trees in his grandfather’s plantations, is spreading awareness about the sport of climbing which will make its Olympic debut next year. The joint sporting event in the Japanese city of Tokyo will see competitors' positioning over the three controls of speed, bouldering, and lead climbing unified to give a combined score.

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