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Mexico: Tiger Born At Zoo During Pandemic Crisis Is Named 'Covid'

After a tiger being tested coronavirus positive at Bronx Zoo in New York City, the birth of a baby cub in a Mexican zoo amid the outbreak brings a ray of hope.

Tiger born with name Covid in a Mexican zoo, leaves netizens amazed

After a tiger was tested positive for coronavirus at Bronx Zoo in New York City which created panic all around, the birth of a baby cub in a Mexican zoo amid the outbreak has brought a ray of hope. The rare birth of a baby tiger who has been named after the deadly disease "Covid" has taken the Internet by storm, where people are pouring in their love for the little animal. The Bengal tiger Covid, who is named by the family that owns the zoo, was born on March 14  in Mexico's BioZoo that expertise in rescuing animals from circuses and exotic private collections.

As per reports, Kitzia Rodriguez, daughter of the zoo owner and also a vet at the zoo, said that the birth of the little one was a complete surprise for all and nobody was aware of the fact the little one would be born any time, Rodriguez reportedly told a media outlet. Considering the little tiger Covid as a gift amid such panic-stricken moment, Rodriguez reportedly added that they hope the little one creates a big impact on the prevailing crisis because the situation right now is difficult for everyone. The birth of the cub will bring hope to help the entire zoo family. The BioZoo in the state of Veracruz is still operational even as the queues of the general public trickles down in Mexico to stop the spread of the deadly disease, which has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 people worldwide.

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'A surprising piece of news'

As per reports, zoo owner Gonzalo Rodriguez who is running the zoo for almost two decades and said that Covid was born to an 8-year-old tigress that was rescued from a circus and was brought back to good health after she underwent an operation for a hip fracture. While the cub's 6-year-old father was brought from a private home where he had injured himself by biting into a vase. 

On hearing the news about the little cub, several people stormed social media with their hot takes on the same. One of the users who was completely taken aback after hearing the name of the little one expressed his anger of keeping the name after a disease. Another user who was excited to hear this news of joy amid such a crisis shared a handmade painting of Covid where he can be seen sitting on the grass. A third user who was also surprised to hear such a name of a cub shared the piece of news on his micro-blogging site and wrote that the name will definitely surprise one and all. 

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