North Korea Calls Joe Biden A 'rabid Dog' Who Deserves To Be Beaten To Death

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North Korea launched a series of personal insults against former Vice President, Joe Biden, relating him to a rapid dog hungry for power and aiming for profit.

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North Korea Calls Biden A

North Korea launched a series of personal insults against former US Vice President Joe Biden, comparing him with a "rabid dog" hungry for power that “must be beaten to death with a stick”. According to reports, the attacks came after Joe Biden had issued a statement criticising US President, Donald Trump's policy on North Korea and called its leader, Kim Jong Un, a murderous dictator.

North Korea berates Joe Biden

North Korea berated the former Vice President calling him a rabid dog wanting a go at other people's throats and greedy for profits. Using a metaphor to take a dig at Biden, the Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said that a crow can never become white in color even after constant washing.

The news agency further added that anyone who defames the dignity of the leadership of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea can never escape the punishment. “Anyone who dare slanders the dignity of the supreme leadership of the D.P.R.K, can never spare the D.P.R.K’s merciless punishment whoever and wherever,” said the North Korean statement. They referred to Joe Biden's comment against Kim.

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According to reports, Joe Biden was further berated as he was called a dog who was capable of causing harm to other people if they are roaming free and added that he "must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late" and in "doing so will be beneficial for the US also".

This is not the first time Joe Biden was berated by the North. In an incident dating back to the month of May, Biden was called a fool who had low IQ for calling Kim Jong Un a dictator.

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Biden criticises Trump's policy on North Korea

In his Presidential campaign that is a run-up to the upcoming 2020 elections, Joe Biden criticised Trump's policy with regards to North Korea, deeming it to be a diplomatic failure that has made the American citizens feel less safe than before. He also argued that the American President has constantly been giving excuses for a dictator.

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US and North Korea go back on their promise

The United States of America and North went back on their promise to end the joint US-South Korea military exercises, stating that they had given concessions, in the form of ending nuclear and missile tests that Trump could boast about but received nothing in return. In contrast to the ongoing tensions between the US and North Korea, the North has stated that Kim and Trump share a "close" relationship in order to save both the countries frim sharing a hostile relationship with each other.

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