'You Just Proved Earth Is Flat': Netizens Amused As NASA Responds To #BroomChallenge

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NASA posted a video on its official Twitter page where the scientists can be seen positioning a broom to make it stand on its own, as they clarify the facts.

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Scientists from NASA have taken to their official handle on Twitter to clarify the Broom challenge concept with basic physics by demonstrating that the brooms could stand upright any day of the year, shedding light on all the false claims surrounding the challenge.

In a video, posted by the Astronaut Alvin Drew and scientist Sarah Noble on NASA’s official Twitter page, the scientists can be seen positioning a broom to make it stand on its own. They later clarified in the clip that according to the basic physics laws; a broom can stand every day of the year and not just any specific day on the calendar.

NASA says brooms can stand anyway

Scientist Sarah Noble can be seen asking the viewers in the camera, “Did you do the broomstick challenge yesterday?” She then pauses and continues stating, “Well, turns out you can do it again today.” Astronaut Drew then adds, “It’s just physics”. He then takes up the challenge holding the broom and trying to balance it on the ground. It's no surprise that the broom stood up on its own as the scientists had claimed.

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The video came in explanation to the photos and videos of the challenge the users are flooding Twitter with, in which someone purported the broom challenge could only be completed successfully on February 10 leading to thousands of people attempting to get a broom to stand up by itself in their kitchens and other places in the households.

As NASA responded to the Broom challenge, several users commented on the video joking about the discovery. National Air and Space Museum commented on NASA’s video saying that they were just going to say its physics as a mic drop while they continue the challenge.


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