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New Zealand Reaffirms Stance To Support Taiwan Despite China's Warnings

New Zealand has said on May 12 that it would stand up for Taiwan for seeking to participate in WHO meeting next week despite China warning against the move.

New Zealand

New Zealand has said on May 12 that it would stand up for Taiwan despite China warning against it. According to reports, New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters stressed that the country had to maintain its stance for backing Taiwan’s position in World Health Organisation (WHO), a move clearly oppressed by the Asian superpower. Taiwan has also been supported by the United States that wants former’s lobbying to be permitted in the World Health Assembly scheduled to take place in the upcoming week. 

Even though Taiwan claims to be self-ruled, it has been excluded from the WHO over China’s objections. Meanwhile, senior lawmakers in New Zealand have backed the island for seeking its place in the United Nations health agency as an observer and cited Taiwan’s success in controlling the drastic spread of the COVID-19 disease. However, according to China, the Pacific country should “stop making wrong statements”.

But when Peters was asked about the comments by the mainland at a press conference, he reportedly said, “We have got to stand up for ourselves”. He also added that the “true friendship” is mainly based on equality and “nevertheless disagree”. New Zealand Foreign Minister hoped that its position on Taiwan issue will not alter the diplomatic relations with China.

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China on Taiwan

China noted the allegations by Taiwan that have been supported by the US that WHO did not take the warnings and delayed global response. According to the Asian superpower, “Taiwan region of China did not send any warning to WHO”. Moreover, on Taiwan’s bid to be a part of the United Nations health agency, China said that Taiwan has “no right to join WHO”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry had unveiled “Reality Check” of at least 24 “preposterous” allegations that the United States posed at Asian superpower. In the 11,000-word detailed rebuke from US President Donald Trump calling coronavirus as “Chinese Virus”, China took each statement point-by-point. From China “controlling” the UN health agency to the mainland expelling US journalists to “hide the truth” over coronavirus, China acknowledged all statements and gave its explanation. 

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