North Korean KNCA Confirms Successful Test Of Multiple Rocket Launcher

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North Korea stated on November 1, that it had fired and successfully tested a new super-large multiple rocket launcher, expanding its military capabilities

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North Korea stated on November 1, that it had fired and successfully tested a new super-large multiple rocket launcher and added that the tests expanded the country's capability to tackle enemy targets in attacks that come as a surprise. The latest testing of the multiple rocket launcher comes after two tests in the month of August and September. These tests come after North Korea was seen expanding its military capabilities.

According to reports, the KNCA( Korean Central News Agency) described the tests just a day after Japan and South Korea stated that they had detected two projectiles that were launched from an area near the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang. South Korean and military officials stated that North Korea had tested a missile that had travelled more than a distance of 200 miles across the country before it landed in the sea located between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

"An extremely regrettable action"

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Also, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, stated that his country had put in a complaint regarding the test by North Korea, adding that it was an extremely regrettable action undertaken by North Korea.

The news agency also stated that the latest tests established the fact that the multiple firing systems of the rocket launcher were able to completely destroy an enemy target with a surprise attack.

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The KNCA also added that North Korea's President, Kim Jong Un, expressed his satisfaction in relation to the success of the tests. They also added that Kim had congratulated the people involved in making the test a success but was there in person at the test site.

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First test since failed talks between N-Korea and the US

The multiple rocket launcher test is the first test since the Denuclearization and peace talks between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump abruptly ended without any agreement between both the countries. North Korea emphasized the fact that it was ready to re-start the negotiations with the US but no date or a location has been finalized to hold the talks after a failed second summit. Although, North Korea stated that it was running out of patience with the United States of America after what it described as hostile policies and unilateral demands.

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