Norwegian Cruise Line Diverts Route, Passengers Protest On Cruise

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Passengers on the Norwegian Cruise line have protested as the Cruise has diverted its route multiple times, and stopped at alternative ports due to bad weather

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Norwegian Cruise Line diverted its route, passengers protest on cruise

Passengers of a two-week Norwegian Cruise Line voyage in Europe started to protest on-board when it was annouced that they would not stop at Scotland. The Norwegian Spirit is presently carrying 2,018-passengers, who on Monday morning were hopeful of landing in Scotland after a week and a half on the sea. The Cruise has had to make multiple detours and stop at alternative ports due to bad weather, leading to frustration amongst the passengers.

Protest on the Cruise

According to the reports the Norwegian Spirit changed its usual route several times and travelled through alternative ports that were not part of the travel itinerary. The passengers were already at the brim of exploding as the cruise did not travel to Iceland, which was one of the key attractions of the trip. One of the couples on the cruise reported that an announcement was made which informed them that due to bad weather conditions the Cruise will not stop at the next port. This instigated riots and instant uproar on the ship. Both the passengers further described the prolonged protest by the passengers who demanded a refund and accused the crew members. The passengers asked to take the ship back to London. The protest was not violent but did display the frustrations of passengers who were upset. Later, the Cruise workers suggested contacting the company’s headquarters in Miami. The passenger stated that the company officials should apologize for how they treated the passengers. 

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Norwegian Cruise to compensate for passenger disappointment

Later, the statement by the company asked for cooperation from the passengers which also stated that the diversion of the route was due to bad weather conditions and the ship can only make contact on eight ports rather than the nine mentioned in the travel plan. Norwegian did not reveal how many ports were substitutions. In the statement, the company apologized for the inconvenience and disappointment caused to the customers. However, the statement did not comment on the protest. The company asserted that the safety and security of passengers and the crew members is of topmost priority which will not be compromised. The document dated October 7 also provided the passengers with a 25 percent discount on future trips in order to acknowledge the passengers and the trouble they are facing.  

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Cruise critic says minor itinerary changes are normal

The passengers were disappointed with the proposal. The Cruise will conclude on Friday at Southampton, England. But a couple dropped out earlier at Belfast, Ireland, which was one of the scheduled stops. They took a train to Dublin and started their journey back home. One of the Cruise critics of the international media said that minor itinerary changes are normal during the hurricane season. She further added that there are strict contract rules which help the operators to make necessary changes during the voyage. This helps the passengers to understand that the changes are made due to situations which are outside their control.

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