Ouch! Angry Sheep Headbutts BBC Cameraperson; Netizens Sympathise

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An angry sheep attacked BBC cameraman in the groin area while he was interacting with a zookeeper. The hilarious yet painful video left netizens in splits.

Written By Manogya Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:
Angry sheep

In a 2.04-minute video with television presenter Kate Humble was introduced to Cecil the Cameroon Sheep, while interacting with one of zookeeper when Cecil attacked the cameraman in his groin area, causing him excessive pain. 

The BBC cameraperson found himself in a very uncomfortable position as Cecil hit him in the groin, causing him to collapse on the ground instantly. The hilarious yet painful to watch video was shared on the broadcast company’s YouTube page on September 2 and has gone viral on several social media platforms. 

Hilarious or painful?  

The incident occurred during the filming for a series that discovers and explores life at Longleat Estate and Safari Park, Wilts. The video starts with television presenter Kate Humble talking with one of the zookeepers about the nature of the Cameroon sheep while she was introduced with Cecil. However, after wandering around the presenter, Cecil approached the cameraman. As she crouched down to him, he tried protecting his groin area from the sheep but moments later Cecil unexpectedly hit him.

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The sheep without wasting any time hit the man right between the legs, causing him to fall to the ground in pain and topple over Cecil. The BBC video that went viral on social media with over 7 lakh views has gotten hilarious reactions from around the world. While many users sympathized with the cameraperson, who fell to the ground after the attack in pain, others called the incident “unfortunate”. 

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What are Cameroon sheep? 

These are the world’s oldest surviving sheep breeds. A thousand years ago, they were originally bred in Cameroon and other surrounding countries in West Africa. This breed is popularly domesticated in many parts of Europe and is primarily bred for its meat. But sadly, there count across the globe is very low, there are less than 1,000 Cameroon sheep left in the world and their large, wide eyes situated on the sides of their heads give them a 270-degree field of vision, helpful when on the lookout for predators, or cameramen. The rest is up to the viewers, hilarious or painful. 

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