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Palestine's President Announces All Agreements Signed With Israel, US Null And Void

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on May 19, reportedly declared that all agreements signed with Israel and US null and void at an emergency meeting.

Palestine President declars agreements with US, Israel null and void

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on May 19, reportedly declared that all agreements signed with Israel and US null and void. This comes after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 17, announced that a new government led by him will be sworn-in with a pledge of Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank to “write another glorified chapter in the history of Zionism". 

'Isreal would bear responsibility as occupying power'

According to Palestinian media, Abbas made the announcement during an emergency meeting in the city of Ramallah wherein he said that the State of Palestine and the Palestine Liberation organisation were “absolved of all agreements and understandings” with American and Israeli governments, including the security ones. He further said that the Israeli occupation authority would have to shoulder all responsibilities and obligation in front of the international community as "occupying power" over the territory of the occupied state of Palestine. However, he said that he was still ready to negotiate with Israel stressing that he still was committed to establishing peace in the region. 

This is not the first time that the Palestinian leader has threatened to withdraw from the agreement. He previously did it in February after Donald Trump proposed his 'Middle East Plan'. As part of Donald Trump led plan, the US has pledged to support Tel Aviv's move of annexation earlier this year. The plan backs Israel's annexation of most Israeli settlements and the Jordan Valley as long as it enters into peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

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Israel is not only eyeing, West bank but also Southern Lebanon. According to reports, Israeli troops are drilling for a possible invasion of Lebanon and striking Hezbollah targets in neighbouring Syria. Hezbollah is beefing up its own forces and threatening to invade Israel. The bitter enemies routinely exchange warnings and threats. 

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