Philippine: Kids Convert Dog Poop Into Bio Bricks As Research Project

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Philippine: Kids convert dog poop into bio-bricks as research project in an effort to clean up the city as well as reduce the possible construction costs.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A group of secondary school children in the Philippines have managed to discover a way to convert dog poop into bricks. The kids who made the discovery as a part of their school research project aim to remove dog excreta from their city and also possibly lower the construction costs.

Small geniuses 

A group of eighth-graders from Pasyatas district in the north of the Philippines capital of Manila apparently gathered and air-dried dog poop. After the air-drying process, the kids then mixed the dog faeces with cement powder which was then moulded into rectangular bricks called 'bio-bricks'.

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Innovative solutions

Mark Acebuche, who is the science class advisor of the students said that the streets of the city would really benefit from this project and hopes that local government or other organisations can sponsor the kids so that they can undertake their project on an even larger scale. Dog ownership is not regulated in the Philippines and there are also no set rules dictating how one is supposed to take care of pets.

In addition, Manila has a lot of stray dogs and thus the problem of dog faeces everywhere is a real big inconvenience as well as a possible health risk. But this project by the kids could really contribute towards solving that problem. The 'bio-bricks' made by the school kids is ideal for the construction of sidewalks, pavements or even small structures.

The bio-bricks made by the kids are made of 10 grams of dog poop and 10 grams of cement powder.

Manila or officially known as the city of Manila where these kids come from is the capital of Philipines and is an highly urbanized city. As of 2018,  Manila is the most densely populated city in the country. Manila is also ground zero for the war on drugs that President Duterte has launched ever since he came to power. 

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