Photo Of Jaguar Playing With Plastic Bottle In Brazil Sparks Concerns

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British Wildlife Photographer Paul Goldstein clicked a photo of a wild jaguar playing with a discarded plastic bottle in Brazil, sparking a wave of concern

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

British Wildlife Photographer Paul Goldstein clicked a photo of a wild jaguar playing with a discarded plastic bottle in Brazil this week. This very set of photographs has created a wave of concerns in the wake of recently rising plastic pollution. The scenes were reportedly captured in Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetland, in Brazil. In the photographs, a three-year-old male jaguar is seen toying with the green plastic bottle before retrieving it from the stream using his jaw. 

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Description of the images captured by Paul Goldstein

Goldstein said to media that the plastic bottle apparently floated downstream during the wet season whose scent attracted the attention of the jaguar as he peers down into the water. On observing minutely, one can spot the magnificent spots on the jaguar's coat which shows rosettes with black spots inside different from a leopard, as he makes his way down to inspect the bottle. The jaguar in the pictures the bottle floating in the water before coming down to the stream. Another leopard nests in the grass on the bank, who is apparently his companion. 

The Wildlife photographer said to the media that its a thrill to capture jaguars in their own wetlands yet scenes like these are quite disturbing.

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The picture intends to serve as a poster against plastic pollution

The jaguar splashes its paws in the water and toys with the green plastic bottle, inspecting the item after being attracted to its scent. What can be inferred from the capture is that its been shot to serve as a poster child for raising awareness against plastic pollution. The same was reiterated by the photographer while he spoke to the media. He said the scenes were distressing and he hopes it creates concerns.  

Plastic abuse has led to hideous worldwide proliferation, he added.

He complained that though plastic bottles are recyclable, they litter vast tracts of the world. Paul hopes the picture also stirs politicians into action as drastic plastic abuse has reached a tipping point. Though people are taking actions to stop all of this, governments too should stop bottling brave decisions, he added. 

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Countries ban plastic

Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania have recently banned plastic bags and bottles. This makes up 40 nations around the world that have banned, restricted or taxed their use. Yet the sale of plastic continues in UK supermarkets despite the bid of saving the world's oceans and animals. On the other hand, former Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced in May that plastic straws, plastic stirrers, and cotton buds will no longer be sold from April 2020 under the plastic ban. Many states in India too have banned single-use plastic.

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