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Protest In Mexico City In Support Of Palestinians

Protest in Mexico City in support of Palestinians

STORY: Mexico Mideast Protest - Protest in Mexico City in support of Palestinians

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DATELINE: 15 May 2021 - Mexico City




Mexico City - 15 May 2021

1. Demonstrators holding a Palestinian flag, UPSOUND (Spanish) "Israel should cease its repression. We want a free world and we should raise our voices. Up for a free Palestine!"

2. Demonstrators shouting UPSOUND (Spanish) "Up with Palestine! Up with peace! Down with Zionists!"

3. Demonstrator giving a speech

4. Demonstrator

5. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Demonstrator, no name given:

"We call on both parties to cease confrontation and restart a dialogue for peace, with all the support of the international community interested in a just and long-lasting solution that guarantees a Palestinian state with borders based on pre-1967 line with East Jerusalem as its capital, just as the United Nations has mandated."

6. Various of demonstrators painting Palestinian flag on ground


Dozens of demonstrators gathered in Mexico City on Saturday to show their support for the Palestinians.

The protest follows days of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, and Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

One of the demonstrators called for an end to the clashes and for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Some painted a large Palestinian flag on the square where the demonstration was held.

The protest took place on the 73th anniversary of what Palestinians call the Nakba, or Catastrophe, commemorating the Palestinians who were expelled or fled their homes during the war that led to Israel's creation in 1948.


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