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Rome: Torlonia Collection With Ancient Marble Busts, Statues Displayed In Villa Caffarelli

As a part of Rome’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, the 90 works of Torlonia Collection has been displayed for the public in Villa Caffarelli. 


As a part of Rome’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, the 90 works of Torlonia Collection, one of the most private collections of ancient Greek and Roman marble sculptures was displayed for the public. The collection opened on October 12 in Villa Caffarelli. According to the reports by AP, organizers said that there were also plans to lend these spectacular pieces to other museums. However, the plans have been postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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(Ancient Greek and Roman marble statues prior to going on display in the newly refurbished Villa Caffarelli. Image Credits: AP)

(Image Credits: AP)

(Image Credits: AP)

The Torlonia Collection

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, in a press conference on October 12 said that the collection will “take your breath away”. He added that it is very unfortunate that due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, only limited people will be able to visit the collection. The new exhibit which is the collaboration of the culture ministry of the city, the Torlonia Foundation and key sponsor Bulgari, will remain open until June 29. 

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The collection comprises 620 pieces and is considered “one of the greatest private collections of classical art”. Started by one of Rome’s 19th-century aristocrats, Prince Alessandro Torlonia, the collection features marble busts, reliefs, sarcophagi and statues. The collection was created in part from archaeological excavations of the Torlonia family’s various estates in Rome.

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(Image Credits: AP)

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