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Rouhani Says Iran Ready For Possible Escalation In Coronavirus Situation

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on March 28 that the health infrastructure is strong enough to combat the coronavirus pandemic if the situation escalates.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on March 28 said that the health infrastructure is strong enough to combat the Coronavirus pandemic if the situation escalates. Addressing a session of National Task Force fighting against the deadly virus, Rouhani expressed hope that the government should not have to fine anyone while implementing the plan of social distancing.

Rouhani said that a COVID-19 patient will have to pay only 10 per cent of the healthcare cost while the government and insurance companies will take care of the 90 per cent. He said that the grocery stores would remain active with an adequate supply of food and it is not one of those countries where it remains available for just the two hours a day.

“You see, how well the transfer of food from the port or the farmland where the food is shipped to the warehouses and from there to the stores and from stores to the people is happening without any interruption,” said the Iranian President.

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'Greatest betrayal'

The 71-year-old Iranian leader said that all refineries, oil wells, power plants, water treatment plants and the country's major transportation system are active and ready to operate all over the country. He also urged everyone to disclose their medical condition if they fall ill adding that if he gets the infection and doesn’t tell his family and friends, it will be one of the greatest betrayals.

“We know we are under sanctions, but we allocated 20% of our budget this year, about 100 trillion rials to fight coronavirus,” said Rouhani referring to the crippling sanctions imposed by the United States.

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Iran has reported over 35,000 cases of Coronavirus with more than 2,500 deaths as the worldwide death toll keeps increasing. The country is struggling with supplies for medical professionals and widespread rumours surrounding the cures of the virus. Over a thousand people fell ill and many people died after falling prey to fake news around the cure of Coronavirus and consuming methanol.

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