Russia Re-enacts World War Two Parade At The Red Square In Moscow

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Russian troops numbering up to 4,000, dressed in World War 2 era uniforms marched in Moscow to commemorate the wartime parade along with vintage T-34 tanks

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Russian troops dressed in World War 2 era uniforms marched in the capital city of Moscow to commemorate the wartime parade. The re-enactment featured about 4,000 soldiers, T-34 tanks and other vintage vehicles. The November 1941 parade saw the Russian soldiers moved to the front of the lines in the battle of Moscow, thus becoming a symbol of Soviet power at a time of overwhelming odds.

A historical significance

The Nazis came towards the capital city of Moscow in the month of October 1941 as the soviet army witnessed heavy defeats after the Nazis had invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. According to reports, the Nazis came as close as 30 km to Moscow in a few areas and could see the landmarks with the use of binoculars. 

Soviet Union leader, Josef Stalin, had ordered the October Revolution parade of 1941 to boost the morale of the Red soldiers. The Soviets were ultimately successful in bringing fresh troops from the eastern side of the country and launch a counter-attack that forced the Nazis to back off. This became the Nazi's first big defeat during World War 2.

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Before the disintegration of the soviet union in 1991, yearly military parades were held on November 7 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. However, the holiday was abolished in the year 2005 but the members of the communist party still celebrate it.

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The 1941 October Revolution

The 1941 October Revolution of November 1941 is most famous for taking place during the battle of Moscow. The leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin, had delivered a speech to the Red soldiers in the parade that took place at the Red square who went to battle immediately after the parade.

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To celebrate the historical importance

Every day on November 7, Russia observes a holiday in honour of the parade that acts as a substitute of the October Revolution, as a day of Military Honor.

Parades held in 1941 were held at the Red Square in Moscow and at the Kuybyshev Square, Samara(known as Kuybyshev before the Soviet Union was disintegrated) and both of the parades are honoured by re-enactments to commemorate their historical importance.

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