Russia Urges US Not To Publish Trump - Putin Call Transcripts

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Russian officials have asked the United States not to reveal the transcripts for Donald Trump’s phone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin

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On September 28, international media reported that the Russian officials asked the United States not to reveal the transcript for Donald Trump’s conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia took the step after the rising scandal about the release of the transcripts of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President by the White House. The call is now the focus of an impeachment probe. 

It's indecent

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said to reporters at the United Nations on September 27, that "as for transcripts of phone conversations, my mother when bringing me up said that reading other people's letters is inappropriate," He said that it is inappropriate to reveal the private conversation of the two world’s most powerful leaders. He further added that, "For two people elected by their nations to be at the helm, there are diplomatic manners that suppose a certain level of confidentiality." Hence asking the White House not to publish the transcript.

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The transcript of Donald Trump and Ukraine's President

On September 25, the transcript of the July 25 call was published by the White House. The published summary revealed the conversation between Ukraine's newly elected people’s representative, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and the US President Donald Trump. The transcript established that Donald Trump urged the Ukrainian leader to call for an investigation against Joe Biden, who is running against Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections. On the other hand, the Democrats are investigating whether the US President used a $400 million aid package as leverage. 

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Lavrov criticized US lawmakers 

Sergei Lavrov according to the reports met the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to the international media, Lavrov criticized the US lawmakers and the foreign media for releasing the transcript for the general public. In his statement he said, "Being so vociferous in saying that if you don't show a certain memo involving a partner, that you're going to bring this administration to its knees, what kind of democracy is that? How can you work in such conditions?". After the controversy, the relation between the two leaders is under intense scrutiny. The entire scandal is about Russian intervention during the 2016 US Presidential elections which led to benefit Trump. However, the US leaders have appreciated Putin and his denials about the findings made by US intelligence. The investigation under the former FBI chief Robert Mueller reported having found no evidence about the collusion of Russia with Donald Trump’s campaign.

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