Russian Pet Owner Places An Ad Online For Sale Of His 'psychic' Turtle

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A pet owner in Russia placed an advertisement online to sell his 2-year old turtle claiming it can predict the score of football matches for 46K dollars.

Written By Avantika Shukla | Mumbai | Updated On:

A pet owner in Russia placed an advertisement on a sales website online to sell his 2-year old turtle claiming it can predict the score of football matches for $46K. The turtle named Donatello can reportedly tell the future of any football match by walking towards the piece of paper which has the name of the winning team written on it. The owner Alexei, who belongs to Blagoveshchensk declared that his pet, Donatello has psychic powers and in the past, the turtle by predicting match results, has helped him win over 1250 euros through betting. 

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Owner is selling the turtle because his family needs money

The pet owner from South-East Russia as reported by foreign media told that his family is in urgent requirement of money and hence this is the reason he is selling his beloved turtle. The pet was named Donatello after one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Alexei explained how his pet predicts the match results. He said one has to write the names of the two sides of a match on pieces of paper and the little tortoise will go to the paper of the winning side. According to foreign media reports, the future telling turtle did not find any buyer as for now. The amount for which the animal is on sale in Russian Ruble is 3 million. 

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The famous psychic Octopus, Paul

In the year 2010, at the time of the Football world cup, an octopus gained popularity across the world for its ability to predict the winning team in a match. The octopus named Paul, in his tank was presented by two boxes containing food. The boxes looked exactly the same, but they had flags of different country flags who were playing the upcoming football match. The box from which Paul used to eat first was viewed as the prophecy of the Octopus that it is the winning team. In his life span of two years, Paul predicted results of 14 matches including the FIFA world cup 2010 and Euro 2008 matches, out of which 12 proved to be correct. Paul passed away on October 26, 2010, a few months after he predicted the FIFA world cup winner in 2010.

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