Russians Evacuated From China To Be Quarantined For 2 Weeks Amid Coronavirus Dread

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Amid coronavirus outbreak, Russia on Feb 5 flew home its first group of 78 citizens from Wuhan and now plans to quarantine them for the next two weeks.

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Amid coronavirus outbreak, Russia on February 5 reportedly flew home its first group of 78 citizens from Wuhan and now plans to quarantine them for the next two weeks in a camp in Siberia. According to international media reports, Russia further also plans to bring back 144 people, including 16 nationals of ex-Soviet countries from china Hubei's province. While speaking to an international media outlet, Anna Popova, Russia's chief medical officer said that all the arrivals from China would be quarantined in a camp 30 kilometres outside Tyumen. 

Russia has also restricted crossing along its land border with China and also reported its first two cases of coronavirus, both in Siberia and both involving Chinese nationals. Russia also suspended direct passenger trains and commercial flights from China, except for some that were being routed through a separate terminal at a Moscow airport to make screening passengers easier. Further, Russia is also preparing for the possible spread of the virus and ordered several schools and public events to be cancelled in a number of regions. 

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According to reports, the 2019-nCoV has already claimed nearly 490 lives and the number of people infected has now crossed 24,000. More than 20 countries have also confirmed cases of coronavirus, which also prompted the WHO to declare a global health emergency. Earlier, the WHO has also warned the international public health authorities that Wuhan Virus was of a significant threat to the nations outside mainland China and the disease pandemic enforced a global response to the outbreak.

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Countries close border

Similar to Russia, Macau has also denied entry to visitors from China's Hubei province unless they can provide documentation showing that they are not infected with the virus. The Macau government said that they will also not allow those who visited the province 14 days prior to their arrival.

China's immediate neighbour, Mongolia has further closed all universities and educational institutes until March 2 to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. Citing a cabinet meeting, Mongolian state media also said that it has closed the border crossings for auto vehicles and pedestrian traffic from January 27 and called for public gatherings to be cancelled. On the other hand, Hong Kong's land and sea crossings with China have been closed and Carrie Lam has also announced the suspension of train and ferry services. 

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