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Same Place, Same Crocodile, 15 Years Apart: Iconic 'Croc Hunter' Steve Irwin's Legacy Lives On In Son Robert And Murray Is Witness

Written By Richa Mukherjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • 15-yer-old Robert Irwin has evoked nostalgia, loss and yet also, happiness, as he shared an image recreating something his icon father had done
  • Paying tribute to his late father Steve Irwin - the original 'Crocodile Hunter' - Robert has shared a side-by-side of them, fifteen years apart, with an extraordinary common second character
  • Robert had barely been a toddler when his father had passed away in 2006 at the age of 44 after a stingray barb to the heart

Late Australian conservationist and television star Steve Irwin who gained worldwide fame and following for accomplishing the unenviable and downright frightening task of endearing killer crocodiles and other big-toothed and dangerous animals to the world as the 'Croc Hunter' (who didn't really hunt them, more, made friends) will have been very proud to see the legacy he's left behind, netizens feel, and they have very good reason to.

Steve Irwin's 15-year-old son Robert, who was barely a toddler when his father tragically passed away after sustaining a stingray barb to the heart while in the line of work, has shown that the friendly Crocodile hunter's spirit very much lives on, by posting a quite extraordinary side-by-side photo of the two of them. 

Paying tribute to his late father, Robert took to Twitter and shared a tweet where in one photo, Steve Irwin is feeding a big crocodile named Murray - whom he had incidentally rescued - and in the other, his spitting-image Robert wearing the same khaki uniform, is feeding the very same croc. 

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Apart from the uncanny resemblance with his father, Robert Irwin has also been following his dad's footsteps career-wise. He is not only a keen animal lover but he also works at the Australia Zoo and even starred in the Animal Planet series “Crikey! It’s the Irwins”, alongside his mom Terri Irwin and older sister, Bindi Irwin.

The picture evoked a ripple of emotions among the netizens who praised the young boy for his efforts and his heartwarming tribute to his father.

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