Saudi Arabia: Iran's Actions If Proven Will Be Seen As An 'Act Of War'

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Saudi Arabia is planning to seek a global action against Iran at the United Nations General Assembly after the attack on the former's oil infrastructure

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is planning to seek global action against Iran at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) after the attack on the former's oil infrastructure, according to reports from foreign media. Saudi delegation heading to New York are expected to make concerted attempts to action against Iran, in the aftermath of the attacks on Aramco. Riyadh however, has no concrete evidence against Iran that can prove its involvement in the attack. Saudi's major allies such as the US and UAE are reluctant over executing military action as they fear it may result in a Gulf war that will involve other oil producers in the region.

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Does Saudi Arabia have any evidence?

The report further suggested that Saudi Arabia is looking forward to present evidence at the UNGA against Iran proving its involvement in the September 14 missile strike. The attack on Saudi's oil industry made a huge impact on the global energy markets, as it affected 5% of the world's complete oil production.

The US is a strong ally of Saudi Arabia, also suspects Iran. In a press conference, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it an "act of war". Saudi officials said Iranian weapons were launched from the northern direction and they are working to figure out the exact location of the launch. The royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia ahead of the UNGA said that it wants a peaceful resolution. However, if the charges against Iran are proved then this will be viewed as an act of war.

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What is the role of the US?

The US President Donald Trump agreed on sending troops to help the Saudi security forces. The response from the US was strong initially on taking an action against Saudi's neighbour and top rival Iran. Later on, they said that more options can be considered apart from war. The US Secretary of state said last week that America wants to build a bloc to attain a peaceful resolution. On September 20, the US said it is planning to send its forces to Saudi Arabia and accelerate the delivery of military devices to both Saudi an UAE as the recent attack showed the issues in Saudi's air defence. The former US Ambassador to the UAE, Barbara A.Leaf while speaking to a news agency said that he doubts if there will be a direct confrontation between America and Iran. 

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