Syrian Woman Meets Son After 3 Years, Video Makes Netizens Tear Up

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A heartwarming video of a Syrian Refugee woman hugging her son at the airport recently surfaced on social media platforms and prompted some wonderful comments

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A heartwarming video of a Syrian Refugee woman hugging her son at the airport recently surfaced on social media platforms and quickly went viral. The viral video was shared on Twitter and has already garnered over 2 million views. In the video, the Syrian woman can be seen waiting.

A heartwarming reunion

As soon as the woman's son arrived, she received him with a warm hug while crying profusely. She was still crying as her son bent down to kiss her feet to pay his respects as other people around them were visibly happy and were clapping at witnessing the emotional encounter. 

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Netizens reactions


A user posted a tweet wherein he talked about how a mother's love knows no limit and it was evident that the Syrian woman did everything in her capacity to experience that moment.

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Another user commented that a mother's love is selfless and without any conditions and further expressed the happiness over the family finally be reunited after 3 years.

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A user expressed her happiness over the heartwarming incident and hoped that Canada could help other families who were facing dire situations. Another user talked about how there was nothing more powerful than a mother's love whereas someone else stated that God bless them with all the peace and comfort that they deserve.

An emotional reunion

An Albanian boy, Alvin Berisha, who was taken away by his mother to Syria 5 years ago to join the extremist group, ISIS, had an emotional reunion with his father and sisters in Italy on November 8 in Italy. Berisha's father had been looking for his son since he was taken in the year 2014 when his wife had left Italy to fight for ISIS in Syria. 

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