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Taliban Goes Back On Own Word, Arrests Ex-British Soldier Trying To Evacuate 400 Afghans

Despite its claims of letting the Afghans leave the country on their will, the Taliban arrested former British army personnel helping 400 Afghans in evacuation.


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Despite its claims of letting the Afghans leave the country willingly, the Taliban on Thursday arrested a former British army personnel who was helping the distressed citizens to evacuate from Afghanistan. Going by the reports of Daily Mail UK, the Taliban on Thursday arrested Ben Slater, a former British soldier, and was thrown into prison for further questioning. 

The report suggests that Ben runs an NGO in Afghanistan and he was helping to evacuate 400 Afghans including his 50 staff who failed to secure a spot in the British airlift and are still stranded in the now Taliban-led Afghanistan. Reportedly, his attempt to help his stranded staff failed as a coach carrying everyone was turned away from a land border. After Slater was released from the prison, he was reportedly allowed by the Taliban to cross the border with only one assistant and leaving his all staff members and Afghans behind. 

It is pertinent to mention that before the US withdrawal of its troops, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson chaired an emergency G7 meeting and agreed on a roadmap for engagement with the Taliban. The emergency G7 meeting had also decided that the Taliban will be held accountable for its actions in Afghanistan.

Taliban Holds Victory Parade Led By Suicide Bombers In Afghanistan

Earlier on Thursday, The Taliban, which is planning to form a new Government under their administration on September 3, took out a victory parade in Afghanistan, showcasing their weapons, advanced military equipment, explosives, vehicles, and helicopters -  most of which were either seized from the Afghan troops, the US military or procured from affiliated terrorist organizations.

In a show of strength to the world, the parade was led by Taliban’s suicide bombers exhibiting car bombs, barrel bombs, vest explosives, mines, and other advanced weapons. It also consisted of a convoy of former ANA MRAPS vehicles, originally belonging to the Afghanistan Army. 

Earlier, in the month of August, the Taliban took over Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul leading to the collapse of the Afghan government. Since then, several countries were carrying out evacuation operations at the Kabul airport to bring back their diplomats and nationals. The United States has concluded its evacuation bringing an end to its 20-year-long war in Afghanistan. 

(Image Credits: AP/Representative Image)

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