Taliban Will Have To Show 'real Will And Ability' To Reduce Violence: NATO

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NATO Secretay General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Taliban will have to show “real will” and “stability” in order to reduce the violence in Afghanistan.

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NATO Secretay General Jens Stoltenberg said on February 13 that the Taliban will have to show “real will” and “stability” in order to reduce the violence in Afghanistan. Addressing a press conference after attending the meeting of North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers' session, Stoltenberg said that the following afternoon there will also be a session with all nations in order to contribute support to the Resolute Support training mission in Afghanistan.

According to an official release, NATO chief said, “The Taliban have to show a real will and a real ability to deliver a reduction of violence on the ground. And to show that they are really committed to achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan.”

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Afghanistan remains 'difficult'

Stoltenberg said that “situation remains difficult” in Afghanistan but the organisation is committed to the long-term security and stability of the war-stricken country. NATO has also affirmed its stance to provide the security forces in Afghan with training and financial support for their fight against terrorism and the creation of peace. According to NATO, the strengthy of Afghan security forces is enhanced and called for any steps by Taliban which promotes “reduction of violence”.

Stoltenberg said, “we see that the Afghan security forces are getting stronger, more professional, and better led. We fully support the efforts led by the United States to achieve a peaceful solution. And Allies continue to coordinate closely on the way forward.”

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Meanwhile, a United States-based agency has said that rebuilding Afghanistan has resulted in a loss of hundreds of lives. The new report was released earlier this week by a US government watchdog that reportedly monitors the billions of dollars America spends in Afghanistan. 

The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction also said that his report had first registered the human cost of reconstructing the war-ravaged country. These finding had also come at the time US had resumed renewed peace talks with the Taliban aimed at paving a way for withdrawing US troops. 

The report disclosed that at least 2,214 people have been killed, including the majority of Afghans, in largely U.S.-headed projects to help Afghanistan. Moreover, the deaths also included 284 Americans, both civilian as well as military. Another 2,291 people were injured in projects including road construction, building schools and health clinics around the country. 

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