Trudeau Called 'compulsive Liar' In French Language Leader's Debate

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Trudeau called 'compulsive liar' in French language leader's debate by his political rival Elizabeth May who advocated climate change over Candian oil pipeline.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reportedly labelled a "compulsive liar" by the head of the Greens, Elizabeth May who was his main rival in the French Language Leaders' Debate before upcoming Canadian elections. The Prime Minister was forced to defend the environmental policies in the debate. Though he made it a key point, he was attacked by his rival over his decision of expanding the pipeline of Canadian oil reserves. As per claims in the media, Canada is expected to account for almost 25% of new crude oil globally by 2050. This is noteworthy because Canada's main production zone Alberta has been forced to install cuts as prices had gotten low from a lack of midstream infrastructure to move supply. Yet the new pipeline projects in Canada have faced delays related to environmental and regulatory impediments as well as political opposition.

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Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh stand against the pipeline expansion

"We have to stop these pipelines and fracking all across Canada," said Elizabeth May. May cited the words of Greta Thunberg saying: "Our house is burning, how dare you?".

Though in a funny tone, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh also stood against the pipeline expansion. Observers note that Jagmeet is getting more amusing with each passing debate. Liberals and Conservatives are neck-and-neck according to polls, with the general election set for October 21. The French-language debate had a more relaxed atmosphere than the previous one in English on Monday.

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Trudeau said profits from oil will be invested in the environment

Trudeau has said profits from the pipeline will be reinvested in the environment. Taking the blame game forward, he accused Conservative leader Andrew Scheer of proposing a lowering of taxes for the richest. He further asked Scheer about the complete manifesto and costings. To this, Scheer reiterated May's words saying that he is a compulsive liar. The Conservative leader added that the tax cuts he has proposed to the middle class would in part be financed by cutting 25 per cent of Canada's international aid. Apart from this, Trudeau vowed to balance the country's budget in five years. Initial assumptions suggest that election will result in a minority government as Liberal and Conservative parties will each take 31 per cent of the vote which clearly indicates an alliance.

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